What We Do

1. We Educate You About the Foreclosure Process

We are aware that you probably have never been through a foreclosure before.  Our first step is to educate you about foreclosures.  We tell you what you can expect and what options you have as a homeowner.  We take the mystery out of the whole process.  This information is provided in our first phone conversation and is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

2. We Help You Properly Respond to the Summons

Once you are served a summons, you MUST properly respond in the timeframe indicated in the summons or they will take your home in a very short amount of time.   WE HELP YOU RESPOND!  (Many people attempt to write their own "Answer."  Doing this without legal knowledge and training can cause you great harm and can impact our ability to help you.) 


3. We Help You Buy Time and Save Money

We have found that often people facing foreclosure are trying to get the situation resolved with their mortgage company by doing a loan modification, by saving money to bring the loan current, or by selling the home to avoid the foreclosure.  These are all great options, however, they take time. Once you have been sued by your mortgage company, time becomes your biggest obstacle.  Our process can actually allow you MANY additional months to continue living in your home while you try to resolve the matter with your mortgage company.  If you able to get it resolved, the lawsuit against you will be dismissed and you will never have to go to court.  Buying extra time is critical to your success.


During those MANY months that you continue to live in your home, the mortage company will not accept payments, so with our assistance you have the opportunity to save money that can help you better negotiate with them on a settlement and you have your home to live in without having to make a mortgage payment.  


WE CAN HELP YOU! Contact us TODAY at (918) 720-7002.