Farrah Walker

Farrah will be your initial point of contact.  She will discuss your situation and help you make a plan for success.  She is very knowledgeable about the foreclosure porcess and she will be able to answer your questions and put you at ease so you can begin the process of resolving your situtation.

Farrah is very experienced with loan modifications and she can assist you with the application process. 


Michael W. McCoy

Michael is a licensed Attorney in the State of Oklahoma.  His practice is dedicated to foreclosure defense.  While our initial efforts are for you not to need an attorney, Michael is available in the event your case warrants the work of an attorney.  Michael handles more foreclosure cases in Oklahoma than any other attorney in the state.  His expertise and connections are great resources for you to have at your fingertips.


Foreclosure Defense Experts

We have a group of professionals that work with us behind the scenes.  These professionals have experirence in forensic audits, expert witnesses, bankruptcy, legal research, and Supreme Court appeals.