Testimonials from Homeowners Who Have Used Our Services

“I am so glad I contacted your office when I received your letter. Your staff explained what was going to happen and educated help me about what you could do for me while I went through the loan modification process. The loan modification took over six months – if I had not worked with your office to properly respond to the lawsuit, they would have taken my home before the loan modification was approved. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

-Tulsa County Homeowner



“When my case was filed and I began receiving letters from dozens of people claiming that they could “Save My Home,” etc, I was overwhelmed. I knew I didn’t have the money to hire an attorney and I sure didn’t have the money to give to some scam that would give me nothing in return. On a gut feeling, I called your appointment line.  EVERYTHING told to me proved to be true. I was so relieved after talking to your office.   Your staff is very friendly and professional.   They really know about your program.  My case is still going on, I am still communicating with the mortgage company about a loan modification, but I am still in my home and have been for almost a year. I have saved HUNDREDS of dollar in this process. I am still in my home. What a relief!!”

                                                                                -Rogers County Homeowner



“I was just about to pack up and move out of my house when I received your letter. I knew I was behind on my payments, I didn’t have the money to catch up, and I figured I was just out of luck. Boy was I wrong!! By calling your office I learned that I actually had options and that I did not need to move out of my house. Your staff spent time with me explaining your program you have for helping people in my situation I have never been through anything like this before and I was scared. I am so glad I called your appointment line.”

                                                                              -Wagoner County Homeowner


“My decision to contact your office came down to money. I know lawyers are expensive and I did not have a bunch of money. I was shocked when I learned how inexpensive your program for helping people in my situation was. Your providing of forms to me, total, cost me less than half of one of my mortgage payments!! I really believe your program is designed to save me money – not cost me money. I needed to save my money to work with the mortgage company and you allowed me to do that while still filing the proper documents in the court to keep the mortgage company from getting my house.   I could not have done it without your help.”

                                                                            -Muskogee County Homeowner